Dove unveils new reusable aluminium bottle

Personal care brand Dove has launched new reusable aluminium bottles to cut down plastic waste for body wash.

The company, owned by Unilever, has launched the product that can be used time and again with concentrated refills.

Richard Slater, chief R&D officer at Unilever, said: “I’m excited to share Dove’s latest innovation on our mission to eliminate plastic waste without compromising on care for skin. Our teams have developed Dove body wash re-usable bottles and refills – a new way to care for skin while caring for the planet.

“This might look simple but there’s real science behind this – including a patented, concentrated formulation that actually thickens when mixed with water, as well as an intuitive packaging design.

“Switching from our regular body wash means using 50% less plastic than a standard bottle after using two refills. And taking water out of our products also means less space, less weight and fewer trucks on the road – so lower carbon emissions too.

“Another step towards our ambitious goals on tackling plastic waste.”

To use, consumers empty the refill bottles into the aluminium container. The bottle is then filled with water and is ready to use after being shaken.

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