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The design, development, and manufacture of tomorrow’s production equipment demands expertise in advanced machine technology.

Only those solutions that reduce investment costs and release tied-up capital do we regard as worthwhile and effective. Likewise, only those machines with shorter changeover times and new capabilities do we consider flexible.

We at NPB, with our total approach to production technology, strive to give you maximum return on every investment and minimal costs for each unit produced. This is a high level of ambition that demands competence, experience, creativity, and a commitment to quality; attributes we possess. Begin a rewarding partnership by giving us your trust. As the global technology leader in automated end handling, we are committed partner in productivity, ensuring that you keep up the good work for many years to come. Our vision is to help you to continuously improve your performance with innovative line care. Imagine an increase in productivity of one percent: how many ends would that mean to you?

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