Acumence launches new data mart module

The Acumence product team announced the release of a new data mart module. 

The module provides high-volume manufacturers with easier access to specific, focused areas of data that exist within a larger data warehouse. 

The module is being rolled out immediately to Acumence customers who wish to take advantage of the new feature.

Acumence is a software application of Flexware Innovation, Inc. and is used by can manufacturers to detect, analyse, and eliminate production losses. 

Today the application is found in 22 countries and is available in a desktop, mobile, and web interfaces.

Jason Toschlog, Flexware Innovation’s Vice President of Products, said: “The module is designed for decision-makers who don’t want or need to understand the complexities of data sources. 

“With this module they can quickly access specific data, search for trends, drill into underlying data, and build and adjust reports for deeper business insights.”

Toschlog further explained that the module allows for robust and rapid reporting by providing data visibility without direct access of Acumence’s real-time, operational database.

The Acumence data mart module includes a synchronisation service that automatically extracts, transforms, and loads Acumence plant data into local data marts.

Future versions are being planned which will provide the ability to:

  • Provide administrative features to facilitate master data harmonisation across plants.
  • Automatically sync local plant data to an enterprise data mart that utilises a similar star-schema design. This will ease consumption by the enterprise data warehouse solution and add enterprise-wide ad hoc reporting ability.

Acumence was founded in 1997 and purchased by Flexware Innovation in 2017. The company has since spent time improving functionality, features, and stability. 

The solution has heavy adoption among can manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and has gained use in livestock production and a variety of other manufacturing processes.

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