Ardagh earns A rating for sustainability

Ardagh Group has received an A rating from the CDP for its sustainability credentials. The CDP is an international not-for-profit charity that runs a global disclosure system that helps stakeholders to manage environmental impacts.

The supplier engagement score reviews the level of detail, comprehensiveness, awareness of climate change issues, and Ardagh’s methods and progress towards actions taken on climate change with suppliers.

In a statement on the company’s website, Ardagh Group stated: “At Ardagh, we are committed to sustainability, and we understand that we alone cannot achieve our sustainability targets and goals. We believe that by collaborating with our customers, suppliers, communities, trade groups and associations, we can all deliver meaningful impact to create a future to be positive about. We are delighted to receive once again an A rating from the CDP for our supplier engagement.

“We have a history of supplier collaboration, and we want to maintain that momentum via our roadmap to meet our 2030 targets. Suppliers are under pressure to become more sustainable. While our customers continue to work with us on producing more sustainable packaging, we, in turn, collaborate with our suppliers to procure more raw materials with increased recycled content, to divert from landfills, to reduce water dependency and reduce carbon footprint.”

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