Craft Canning expands custom canning services

Eastside Distilling’s Craft Canning + Bottling, LLC has partnered with Canadian Canning Inc. to provide quality canning services from end to end. 

The new partnership guarantees a current and future supply of domestically manufactured Crown cans, cost-effective solutions for Craft Canning customers, and improved logistics for beverage producers.

“With this guaranteed supply of cans, Craft Canning is poised to operate as a full-service co-packer,” said Michael Karstadt, SVP of Operations at Eastside Distilling. 

“The talented and passionate team at Craft Canning is excited to add digital can printing and fixed facility co-packing along with pasteurisation to our mobile filling and consumable supply business. 

“We can now provide a full-service operation to small and large producers alike.”

“We strive to work with companies with a vision and a dash of excellence and are extremely delighted to join Craft Canning in pursuit of their 3-year strategic plan as an essential business partner. We look forward to continuing to grow and expand our business together,” said Sid Menghani, Co-Owner of Canadian Canning Inc.

The new partnership allows Craft Canning to be a lifeline for small to midsize beverage businesses who may not meet the large minimums required by other canning companies. 

A steady inventory of cans is also a boon considering the ongoing high demand for aluminium.

The Crown cans sourced through Canadian Canning Inc. performed best during trials with Craft Canning’s new Hinterkopf D240.2 digital printer.

Eastside Distilling is committed to being a valuable partner and providing flexible, quality and efficient service to regional customers as the Company continues to grow. 

Craft Canning has a team of rigorously-trained professionals, a full suite of quality control equipment, and the capability to take on high capacity and large volume canning. 

Furthermore, its mobile canning operations can conveniently travel to client locations, offering versatility and solutions for any project.

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