Wildpack see record orders with 9.1% increase


Wildpack Beverage Inc provided an update on the progress of our corporate initiatives.

The company saw a new record for orders per month with 9.1% increase from highest historic month.

Order pipeline grew 23.3% month over month with January can throughput of 9.4M, meeting management expectations.

An Internal technology development team was established to forward technological initiatives, while four key leadership hires continue to build on their operations and legal departments.

New fillers for Baltimore and Las Vegas are on schedule for Q2 installation, while Wildpack initiated a no-plastic initiative to be achieved by 2024.

“I am pleased with the cross divisional achievement of key performance indicators in January driving towards the strategic outcomes we have established for Wildpack on a 1, 3, and 5-year horizon. Leadership continues to be impressed with our team’s ability to meet high expectations, delivering on fast timelines with great quality,” said Mitch Barnard, Chief Executive Officer.

January can throughput was 9.4M. This meets management’s planned ramp-up utilisation to achieve 300M cans of throughput this year.

Las Vegas in-house printing operations reached commercial level and is now producing many of the sleeves and labels consumed by our operations. 

As theorised and realised, this has increased Wildpack’s operations ability to reduce total lead-times and costs; providing their sales team with a new competitive advantage to win more business.

The new fillers for Baltimore and Las Vegas are high-end upgrades to existing assets, with installation causing no disruption to production, which Wildpack’s management believes will increase the throughput and yields at those facilities.

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