ColdSnap develops aluminium pod-based ice cream machine

ColdSnap has developed a new aluminium pod-based ice cream machine with the company aiming to overhaul the frozen treat industry.

The brand’s mission is to change how the products are made and stored to significantly reduce emissions.

The system uses recyclable aluminium cans which allow the product to be frozen rapidly on demand.

Ice cream typically requires to be frozen at all times throughout the manufacturing and shipping process, which is expensive and not good for the environment.

ColdSnap’s solution sees a machine that freezes the aluminium pods on-demand, which helps change the equation entirely. 

Matthew Fonte, Founder of ColdSnap said: “By eliminating all the freezing, we save tons of money, tons of energy, and we are able to reduce the carbon emissions associated with making ice cream by 35 to 75%.”

ColdSnap’s single-serve aluminium pods are each roughly the size of a Red Bull can and deliver a variety of frozen treats, including dairy and non-dairy ice cream, frozen smoothies, frozen cocktails, and more.

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