HeatTek will return to Latamcan this year with its Evolve Systems product line of IBOs, Pin Ovens, Washers and other heat process equipment. Here’s a quick update of what’s been happening for HeatTek since the last addition of the show.

Washer Rebuilds – The company has seen a rise in demand for washer rebuilds. HeatTek’s service technicians have been helping canmakers get up to 10 more years out of their washer equipment by replacing vital components in the field. The benefits are hard to ignore – less downtime, smaller investment and more productivity. Rebuild options include replacement air knives, hold-downs, risers, herringbones, leveling beds or any part of your washer that is not performing as well as you’d like. V

Research and Development – HeatTek has been teaming up with leading canmakers to create equipment for new products that offer consumers a variety of options while reducing plastic consumption. HeatTek is always happy to partner on new development projects.

Standard Equipment – The demand of IBOs, pin ovens, washers, washer ovens, water-based compound end dryers and custom equipment still remains strong in the can making industry.

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