Industrial physics

Industrial Physics is excited to be attending Latamcan!

You can discover exactly how the company strives for packaging perfection in its exclusive report here!

Learn all about the biggest trends facing metal packaging manufacturers – from sustainability, to innovation, and to pandemic-related challenges –the biggest obstacles facing your canning line ae assessed to make sure you’re fully protected.

Across its portfolio of brands, including CMC-KUHNKE, Steinfurth, TQC Sheen, Systech Illinois, Eagle Vision, Quality By Vision, the company has a broad range of testing solutions available for canning companies of all different sizes. Seam inspection, leak detection, headspace analysis, abrasion testing, curing equipment – it’s a varied portfolio.

The company understands the consequences of a defect to your canning line – and works with can makers and can fillers to equip you with the best solutions for your specific needs. Make sure that wasted resource, product recalls, and reputational damage are out of the question.

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