New rum-based hard seltzer launches

Casalú, a rum based hard seltzer focused on delivering a feeling of home and heritage, while inviting others to share Latino culture, is set to launch later this month. 

Made with dark aged rum, 5.9% abv./vol, Casalú will be available with an SRP of $12.99 per 4-pack of 12oz cans. 

Crisp and balanced with the perfect amount of buzz, Casalu’s first offering, “Limón”, brings authentic Latino roots to the hard seltzer market. 

The name stands for the company’s vision. Casa, a sense of home and heritage. Salú, an open door to all who want to share Latino culture. 

“From day one, it was clear that something was missing in the seltzer market. Despite all the noise about new brands appearing, none seemed able to truly speak on behalf of Latino culture and express it authentically,” said Ricardo Sucre, co-founder of Casalú. 

“Casalú was born to pay homage to our culture and invite everyone to share it. We took dark aged rum, our spirit of choice, and used it as a base. 

“We had not seen it widely used in the seltzer space, which for us didn’t make any sense. Using rum as our base, we created a refreshing and crisp seltzer that both the new generation of drinkers and our grandparents can enjoy together. That’s why we are so proud to bring Casalú to the world.”

To start, Casalú will be self-distributed in the Miami market. The US based company and founders are headquartered in Miami and are supported by a team of the entertainment and drinks industry veterans.

Further information on Casalú will be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, for additional information and updates please visit and follow the brand on Instagram @DrinkCasalu. 

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