SpecMetrix Systems return to LatamCan, with first-hand system demos in the exhibit hall.

Patented SpecMetrix ROI technologies enable all SpecMetrix Systems to uniquely measure absolute coating thickness of clear and opaque coatings, compounds, and discrete coating layer thickness while in-process or in QA lab environments. SpecMetrix systems deliver more precise real-time film weight and coating thickness measurement data to support global metal packaging plant teams. SpecMetrix systems will help reduce plant costs, improve productivity, and improve the quality of your coated end-products with a demonstrable ROI of under nine months.

SpecMetrix In-line systems provide a continuous stream of quantifiable and actionable coating QA and operation data for wet or dry coatings taken immediately following application. More accurate film weight data can lead to improper application, quality claims, unnecessary waste, and negative financial results. With SpecMetrix systems, coater operators can make immediate adjustments to film weight variances to optimise process control in real-time, while reducing costs and QA test times. New off-line SpecMetrix Film Weight QA Stations also provide faster and more accurate off-line weight checks.

SpecMetrix ACS systems provide plant teams with the flexibility to measure applied can coatings on single, batch or continuous container processes for the benefit of plant teams. The exclusive integration of SpecMetrix ROI technology into the Versatile Technology ACS-T34 system creates effective and precise automatic gauging and interfacing capability available for the coating thickness measurement of all internal and external can coatings.

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