Wildpack receives record orders in February

Wildpack Beverage Inc received record orders in February, a 28% increase from its previous highest historic month.

There were also record new customers conversions in the month eclipsing the previous high by 20%.

Order pipeline hit new highs, growing 117% month-over-month, while management expectations were met in February with can throughput of 16.5 million, a 75% month-over-month increase

“Persistent ramp up in performance at Wildpack, together with upgrades in manufacturing processes, and our talented team boosted Wildpack to broad improvements in February,” said Mitch Barnard, Chief Executive Officer. 

“Building an enduring competitive advantage for Wildpack has driven our pursuit of a technology centric one-stop network of facilities, this month’s achievements validate the strategy and illustrates the growing demand for a solution that provides middle market beverage brands with economies of scale and an environmentally sustainable format.”

Operations Update

February can throughput at Wildpack was 16.5 million, a 75% month-over-month increase. The company’s monthly throughput results, including cans and can equivalents, continue to meet management’s planned ramp-up utilisation to achieve 300 million cans of throughput in 2022. 

Wildpack’s sales division realised new records for orders and new customers. For the second consecutive month, orders eclipsed the previous monthly high. 

The new high of 123 orders represented a 28% increase. New customers conversion reached a historical high of 30, a 20% increase over the previous monthly high. 

Wildpack’s order pipeline saw month-over-month growth of 117% and their newly developed digital marketing strategy is yielding better-than-anticipated yields, making Wildpack easier to find and on-board potential customers.

Wildpack completed factory acceptance testing of two COMAC CFT 20 valve counter pressure fillers. They are to be retrofitted, with no scheduled production disruption, at their Baltimore and Las Vegas locations. 

The company says the new fillers will improve quality assurance, yield, and production output of filling lines in both locations. 

Additional equipment to be purchased as part of their production improvements will double the capacity of their current filling lines.

Wildpack’s Las Vegas label and sleeve printing operations had record weekly commercial output during the month, and we anticipate full capacity in the second quarter of 2022. 

Reduced lead times, cost savings and customer demand validate the vertical integration under one roof of all the components of beverage manufacturing.

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