Aluminium organisations release Ukraine statement


The Aluminum Association, European Aluminium, the Aluminium Association of Canada and the Japan Aluminium Association have released the following statement on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Our organisations join the rest of the free world in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. The recent images to emerge suggesting ongoing crimes against humanity in the region are frankly appalling. We support the use of economic sanctions and other measures as a diplomatic tool to combat Russian aggression.

NATO and its allies are engaged in the highest level of conflict diplomacy on a global security and humanitarian emergency with far reaching impacts across many industries. As representatives of aluminum companies around the world, we also recognize that the conflict is challenging our industry – like many others – in a profound way. Russia is a significant global supplier of aluminum so it is likely that these challenges will continue to compound over time.

“Our organisations will work with our respective governments to provide relevant industry data and a clear-eyed assessment of what sanctions and similar measures might mean for aluminum producers, users and end consumers. For now, our primary concern is for a speedy and peaceful resolution to the current crisis.”

This statement was written on behalf of:

Charles Johnson, president & CEO, The Aluminum Association

Paul Voss, director general, European Aluminium

Jean Simard, president & CEO, Aluminium Association of Canada

Yasushi Noto, executive director, Japan Aluminium Association

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