Canpack India wins two awards

Canpack India

Canpack India, part of the CANPACK Group, has been recognised for excellence in packaging design after winning two honours at the recent Indiastar 2020 Awards.

The prestigious awards, which are recognised globally by the World Packaging Organisation and the Asia Packaging Federation, are hosted by The Indian Institute of Packaging, an autonomous body set up by the Indian’s Government’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry to promote packaging standards in the country.

Although the Awards were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was hotly anticipated, with over 300 entries received from a broad range of industries and organisations.

CANPACK’s Shunya 300ml cans struck a chord with Indiastar’s judging panel. For the first time, pure Indian content such as Ashwagandha & Green Tea was used to fill a drink in cans. Shunya’s zero calorie and zero artificial sweetener drink was given enhanced shelf appeal thanks to CANPACK’s MATT Effect  and special lacquer, which makes the cans smooth to touch.

Likewise, Sula Vineyard’s’s 330ml canned wines proved to be popular with the judges. The cans were given attractive shelf appeal thanks to CANPACK’s MATT Effect. As the first Indian canned wine, Canpack were instrumental in providing innovative packaging solutions to help bring Sula’s refreshing sparkling wines to market. The special lacquer covered on the full surface of the can body gives a smooth touch to the can and works well on both light and dark colours.

Commenting on the awards, Vikram Potdar, Canpack India CEO, said: “Canpack India has been consistently manufacturing cans of good quality and designs as per customer needs. Having previously won an Indiastar Award in 2017 for the development of a 20cl Coca-Cola can, we’re delighted to feature in these awards once again.

“This is one of the most prestigious national awards in India which recognises excellence in packaging design, and so we’re delighted that Sula 330ml and Shunya 300ml cans were successful.”

Likewise, Stephen McAneny, Chief Commercial Officer, added: The Awards are recognition of our proactive customer-centric approach, our technical competence, and an endorsement of our point of difference in the Indian marketplace. Congratulations to our Canpack India team for their continued success.”

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