Coors Banquet releases new ‘heritage’ beverage cans

To celebrate National Beer Day, the day commemorating the official end of Prohibition, Coors Banquet is giving drinkers a chance to “Own the Legacy” with the release of its new class of heritage cans, dubbed the Legacy Collection, and a new line of merchandise from outdoor lifestyle brand Huckberry.

“American beer history is Coors Banquet history,” says Steph Clanfield, marketing manager for Coors Banquet. “Coors Banquet has stood the test of time, and that’s why it’s the brand that can stand out the most on National Beer Day.”

The Legacy Collection cans, which are in market until June, honour the brand’s 149-year history. 

Each of the three limited-edition cans hearkens back to a different era of Coors Banquet’s past. 

Once known as “The Coveted Lager,” Coors Banquet was for generations available in just a handful of states, prompting consumers to cross state lines to seek out the beer.

That’s a key plot line in the classic film “Smokey and the Bandit,” and it underpins the tagline in a series of Coors Banquet ads that debuted last year and will run again in 2022: “Stolen, Smuggled, Sought After.”

Coors Banquet’s iconic stubby bottles are also part of the celebration, as is the brand’s 24-ounce can.

“These designs have all been inspired by digging through our archives and uncovering elements of the past that are still inspiring us today,” Clanfield says. “Each can has its own story.”

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