Dantex Group’s 30-year partnership with Windelev continues to yield added-value

As a specialist global supplier to the 2-piece canning and aerosol industry, Dantex Group maintains an enviable reputation in the industry, where reliability and the creation of added-value are essential attributes. 

Their relationship with Danish graphics and packaging specialists, Windelev, is case in point. Dantex has supplied Windelev with steel backed printing plates and flexo plates for over 30 years to support their dry offset services. 

In generating photorealistic artwork and laser engraving printing plates, Windelev supply customers across 55 countries world-wide who produce and print cups, containers, tubes and pails in plastic, and aluminium cans for beverage and beers.

“Dantex is our main supplier of material for our Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) HD plates. They are a flexible supplier when it comes to material sizes and offer a vast variety of plate types,” said Anders Aistrup, Windelev’s managing director. 

“More importantly, Dantex shares our interest to always test new materials to improve on the status quo and challenge industry standards. We are also looking forward to installing a new Dantex Marathon plate processor in the summer, which will help bring higher productivity and new sustainable standards to our business.”

Recognised within the [packaging] industry as a leading global supplier of letterpress and flexo solutions, and more recently as a supplier of inkjet digital presses, Dantex has been able to make significant advancements in the can sector over the years. 

Recent investments at the company’s flagship plate-cutting facility in Germany and the launch of its latest ‘Marathon’ plate technology, developed together in partnership with Toray industries, have helped accelerate Dantex’s status and presence in the industry.

“In terms of the longevity, it’s all about growing together with your key-partners, creating added value for each other and further down the supply chain. Innovation and being best in class are key, but to keep that position over time you need close partnerships with suppliers and customers that share your values,” added Aistrup.

Ben Danon, Dantex Group CEO, said: “A 30 year relationship is proof that Dantex has the right culture to not only look after our clients, but also create relationships that can stand the test of time. We have the right quality of products, the right added value and the right commitment – our culture is Global! 

“This partnership is also indicative of our ongoing growth in this sector, which, along with strategic investment in our business, means that we are ideally placed to further extend our position as a leading supplier to the industry.”

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