INX Can Design Contest deadline announced

The entry deadline for this year’s Colored by INX Can Design Contest is upcoming. Now in its third year, all contest entries must be postmarked by 29 April.

Eligibility is open to those who used the INX Color Catalog to produce a commercial can design that reached the market prior to January 1, 2022. Crown Brand Building Packaging won the first title in 2020. Great Lakes Brewing Company earned bragging rights last year for their Crushworthy Lo-Cal Wheat beer can design.

“We have already received some highly creative entries and are looking forward to what arrives by the end of this month. The majority of entries for the contest’s first two years arrived in the last week prior to the deadline,” remarked Renee Schouten, Director of Marketing for INX. “I think people have added our contest to their calendars because it draws greater attention to the work they do. Since we are changing the judging process this year, it could attract a wider audience.”

Two INX representatives – INX Color Perfection Manager Sarah Jacks and Eduardo Ribeiro, Commercial Manager for INX International South America – and four members from the design, color and print worlds will review and make selections to determine the finalists. Their selections will be available to view online beginning 10 May, and the winner will be announced on the INX International website and social media platforms on 18 May.

To learn more about the contest, information is available about contest dates and times, how to submit a design entry, and knowing the official INX contest rules.

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