Sunshine Beverages expands portfolio

Sunshine Beverages has expanded its portfolio of Sparking Energy Drinks with the launch of Tropical Pineapple. 

The launch comes on the heels of this year’s majority investment from Cypress Ascendant, a strategic capital investment firm, fuelling a refreshed business model, operations, and increased awareness for the brand.

The industry veterans at Cypress Ascendant took note of the brand’s unique flavour-packed lineup and niche positioning and in January 2022, the two companies joined forces. 

The investment brings new leadership to Sunshine, including Amanda Goers as President, who has spearheaded a pivot to the brand’s approach to help fuel opportunities such as expanded distribution, consumer appeal and adoption, bolster reach, and marketing support.

“The Cypress Ascendant team is helping to kick off an exciting era for Sunshine, a brand with limitless potential,” said Goers. 

“Tropical Pineapple has long been in the works and is rounding out the portfolio as a highly-anticipated summer flavour, sure to become a classic. At the same time, more consumers are buzzing about the brand across the country. 

“We’re eager to see where the Cypress team’s decades of combined veteran experience, valuable industry relationships and connections, and overall leadership can bring the brand, from exciting innovation announcements, to growth and more in the future.”

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