Wildpack announces new VP of Sales

Wildpack Beverage Inc announced the addition of David Bower as its new Vice President of Sales.

David Bower joins the Wildpack leadership team following six successful years with the Midwest regional craft brewery Upland Brewing Co., where he served as President & CEO. 

He has prior experience in the beverage supplier and the wholesaler space, including Director of Sales at Indiana’s award-winning Sun King Brewery.

“We are thrilled to have David join our team and contribute his extensive background and fresh perspective on sales and service strategy during a time of rapid growth within Wildpack,” said Chief Growth Officer, Thomas Walker.

Wildpack’s sales organisation continues to ramp up to meet the needs of its can and co-pack customers. 

Wildpack’s network growth strategy to build or acquire manufacturing locations covering the US middle-market beverage segment is anchored with six existing locations operating in Marietta, Baltimore, Sacramenta, Longmont, Grand Rapids, and Las Vegas.

In his new role, David will provide the vision and leadership to enhance Wildpack’s position as a market leader within the industry.

“This is an exciting time to join Wildpack and the beverage canning industry,” says David. “Speaking from experience, during this inflection point in the ever-evolving beverage business, companies need innovative and nimble solutions that bring their vision to market and Wildpack is uniquely positioned to do just that,” said David Bower, VP of Sales.

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