Ball and Novelis join WEF’s First Movers Coalition

Ball Corporation and Novelis, both of which recently joined the World Economic Forum’s newly formed aluminium branch of the First Movers Coalition (FMC), are calling on industry peers to prioritise circularity and encouraging them to join the FMC.

Ball and Novelis will lead collaboration across the aluminium industry value chain toward the same goal, creating a pathway for aluminium sectors such as beverage packaging, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and building and construction.

Launched as a partnership between The World Economic Forum and US Department of State, through US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and the Office of Global Partnerships, and in collaboration with US Department of Commerce and Department of Energy, the First Movers Coalition is a global initiative harnessing the purchasing power of companies to decarbonise seven hard to abate industrial sectors that currently account for 30 percent of global emissions: Aluminium, Aviation, Chemicals, Concrete, Shipping, Steel, and Trucking; along with innovative Carbon Removal technologies. More than 50 other FMC members have committed to accelerate innovative technologies to decarbonise these sectors.

As members of the FMC, both Ball and Novelis have committed to purchasing 10% of all primary aluminium annually as near-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Both companies have also committed to ensuring that at least 50% of all the aluminium used annually is sourced from recycled aluminium by 2030, with Novelis already surpassing this number with 57% of its inputs today being recycled content. Ball is also focused on its 2030 circularity vision for the aluminium beverage packaging industry to achieve 85% recycled content.

The aluminium industry as a whole is responsible for two percent of the world’s man-made GHG emissions and emits more than 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide, due mainly to the electricity required to produce primary aluminium. Demand for aluminium continues to grow as an enabler of the mobility, energy and circular economy transition. Given the size of the challenge, Ball and Novelis are encouraging companies across the downstream and upstream value chain to join them and get involved in accelerating the decarbonisation in the aluminium sector.

“We are proud to team up with the First Movers Coalition and partner with Novelis to drive meaningful change needed throughout our industry. We know that in order to achieve the deep decarbonisation needed, it will require new and more effective ways of collaboration and transformation across the value chain,” said Ron Lewis, chief operating officer, Global Beverage Packaging, Ball Corporation. “We believe that a faster decarbonisation pathway for aluminium beverage packaging is possible when we combine corporate commitments, government policies like Extended Producer Responsibility and Deposit Return Systems, and innovative technologies in the primary aluminium supply chain.”

“Novelis is eager to continue our efforts to decarbonise the aluminium industry, as well as support decarbonisation in numerous adjacent industries relying on aluminium, ” said Steve Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novelis Inc. “Recycling aluminium is far less energy-intensive than producing primary aluminium, and we want that energy to come from ‘sustainable’ sources. Aluminium has the potential to reach a near zero-carbon footprint, but it requires investment in clean energy and re-doubling of our commitment to recycling. Partnerships like the First Movers Coalition can spur those investments by supporting an emerging market for developing technologies. Novelis welcomes the opportunity to join FMC and accelerate innovation in our industry.”

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