CANPACK relocating to new headquarters

CANPACK Group announced that it is relocating its corporate headquarters to a new address in Krakow, Poland. 

The offices are located in a state-of-the-art MK29 complex in the heart of the city, overlooking the Wawel Royal Castle and the Vistula Boulevards. 

Designed by TRZOP ARCHITEKCI, one of the most prestigious design studios in Poland, the concept has been inspired by CANPACK’s strong brand and company’s vision for the future. 

CANPACK say the new corporate offices are an inspiration and aspirational space that encourages cooperation and integration, encompassing new technology and befitting the company’s culture. 

There’s space for formal and informal meetings, breakout areas for ‘brainstorming’, and co-working space to reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and embracing the new model of hybrid working.

“To create an impact, our new offices have been designed to foster increased knowledge, cooperation, and creativity. A crucial element of the project was the involvement of CANPACK employees throughout all stages. From identifying the new office and the required space, to outlining the hybrid working model and designing and delivering it, employees were consulted throughout.

“We have created a unique working space and we hope everyone will enjoy it,” added Roberto  Villaquirán, CANPACK Group CEO. “We look forward to welcoming our employees, customers and business partners to our new headquarters –  a place where everybody can feel inspired to CREATE THAT FEELING in everything we do, every day.”

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