Miller Lite honours female brewers

For 4 July celebrations, Miller Lite is unveiling its new campaign: “There’s no beer without women”.

A group of women called “Ale Wives” were the unsung heroes who brought beer to America in the first place, yet according to a recent poll only 3% of Americans know that fact.

Miller Lite Limited-Edition Mary Lisle Can
Miller Lite Limited-Edition Mary Lisle Can

Miller Lite is reimagining its iconic design to celebrate the trailblasing impact women have made in beer with the limited-edition Mary Lisle can, inspired by the country’s first recorded female brewer and her revolutionary contributions to the American brewing industry. 

In 1734, Mary successfully ran a Philadelphia brewery, becoming the first American woman to own and operate one. But through time, women were excluded from the industry as others saw an opportunity to cash in on the nation’s love of beer, forcing most women out of the business altogether.

“When people think of beer, they think of men; there are very few people who realize that we actually have women to thank for beer in America,” said Elizabeth Hitch, senior director of marketing for Miller Lite. “There’s no better time to celebrate and put women back into the history books of beer than on the single largest beer selling weekend in America.”

In honour of female brewers past, present and future, Miller Lite will also donate $5 from any case purchased online via Drizly or Instacart between June 27 and July 4 to the Pink Boots Society*, which inspires women in beer to advance their careers through brewing education.

Additionally, Miller Lite is committing to long-term development and representation of women in the beer industry to support the next generation of female brewers.

“Women played a pivotal role in bringing beer to America as the first brewers here and are often underrepresented in the industry,” said Erin Wallace, Pink Boot Society Board Member, “Which is why our mission at Pink Boots Society to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented beverage industry through education is so important and wouldn’t be able to continue without generous donations from brands like Miller Lite and fundraising.”

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