Minute Maid unveils new canned product

Minute Maid has announced the launch of a new canned beverage – Aguas Frescas.

The Latin American-inspired, noncarbonated beverage is made with real fruit juices and natural flavours, delivering a “refreshing AF” sensorial experience tailored to Gen Z tastes. 

Minute Maid Aguas Frescas is available across the US in 16-oz. cans in three fruity flavours: Hibiscus, Mango and Strawberry. Two additional flavours, Limonada and Strawberry Limon, are available on Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispensers.

“Minute Maid AF is step one in refreshing this iconic brand and our messaging to bring it into the 22nd Century,” said Alex Ames, creative director, Nutrition. 

“It’s not every day you’re lucky enough to find a tagline—or two letters—that can serve as a shortcut to cultural and product relevancy. 

“I’m super proud of our team for being truly disruptive and bringing one of Minute Maid’s most provocative marketing concepts ever out of presentations and into market. It only works because of how truly refreshing this product is.”

The launch will be supported by a robust sampling campaign to get more than 1 million cans in consumers’ hands, as well as PR, digital and social activations including online video, always-on social media content and virtual product placement in two Gen Z-favorite Amazon Prime shows: “Summer I Turned Pretty” and “The One That Got Away”—a first for The Coca-Cola Company. 

“The juice drinks category is growing aggressively overall, but losing traction with younger consumers,” said Jorge Luzio, group director, Minute Maid. 

“We need to reinvigorate our connection with this next generation, who are seeking authentic, unique and unexpected experiences. With Minute Maid Aguas Frescas, we’re shaking things up in a big way and sending the message that the brand is here to stay.”

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