King Oscar becomes top speciality canned seafood food brand in US

Norwegian seafood producer King Oscar Inc. announced its rapid ascension to the largest-selling brand in the United States in the canned speciality seafood category.

King Oscar’s new position firmly cements the legacy brand as the nation’s best and now, leading purveyor of the finest-quality, best-tasting, wild-caught, and sustainable canned seafood. According to all-channel IRI data, as of June 12, 2022, King Oscar’s sales eclipsed $20,940,660, outpacing its competitors to claim the #1 position. 

“After a significant, and predictable, reset of sales post-pandemic, King Oscar has soared to a level that we’ve strived for some years now,” said King Oscar USA president John Engle. 

“That milestone has been driven in large part by our core Brisling Sardine sales, as well as our ground-breaking premium Skinless & Boneless Mackerel line of products.”

The IRI data reveals that consumption growth trends over year-ago King Oscar sales have consistently outpaced the shelf-stable category as a whole and has reached a high of 15.2% in recent four-week periods.

King Oscar’s Mackerel “Royal Fillets” in Olive Oil is the number-one selling mackerel product in the United States, with 131% growth relative to pre-COVID levels, which were already high.

In response to mackerel’s incredible growth over the last two years, King Oscar is introducing two all-new premium mackerel multi-packs. 

While the brand’s Mackerel in Olive Oil flavour variety is the best-selling mackerel product in the USA, on a turns per point of distribution basis, all four products in King Oscar’s mackerel line perform almost identically, which helped prompt them to launch Variety 6-Pack configuration.

Each Variety Pk multi-pack contains two cans each of the Mackerel Olive Oil and Mediterranean Style varieties, and one can each of the Jalapeño Pepper and Olive Oil with Lemon varieties. 

Like all King Oscar products, these packs feature on-trend varieties with diverse flavour profiles and unique, eye-catching & easy open foil packaging.

“We’re going to continue to invest in innovation, both in flavour profiles and in category-busting new product lines,” added Engle. 

“2022 has been an important milestone, but we anticipate continued growth by focusing on the qualities our customers want: premium products, sustainably harvested seafood, with a cutting-edge and convenient product array.”

King Oscar’s ultra-premium products remain among the best-selling in the category, and their innovative, indulgent ingredients combined with committed sustainability efforts and a focus on quality make them a favourite at groceries across the United States.

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