Ball Aluminum Cup set for UK debut

The Ball Aluminum Cup will be launched in the UK this autumn after a successful debut at three editions of the Super Bowl and Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres US Tour.

Ball Corporation has partnered with Re:Water to be the exclusive distributor in the UK.

It has been hugely popular in the US and has been used at multiple venues including sports stadia, music arenas and festivals, bars and pubs, and cultural events.

Ball has partnered with Re:Water as the cup’s exclusive distributor in the UK.

The Ball Aluminum Cup, which is made from 90% recycled metal, can be recycle through the same process as normal aluminium cans.

The partnership with Re:Water represents the first large-scale distribution of aluminium cups in the UK.

Emily Fong Mitchell, Ball Aluminium Cup President and General Manager,said“The Ball Aluminum Cup is set to become an exciting addition to sporting, musical and cultural events across the UK.

“They are 100 percent recyclable and are key to ensuring major events across the UK are as sustainable as they can be.

“Going into 2023 the Ball Aluminum Cup is set to become a mainstay at some of UK’s most iconic venues. We are delighted to partner with Re:Water on this rapid expansion.”

Matt Crocker, Co-Founder of Re:Water, said: “We believe the UK is ready to move away from single-use plastic and think the next big opportunity is in infinitely recyclable aluminium – which is why we wanted to team up with Ball on their innovative Ball Aluminum Cup as the exclusive UK distributor.”

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