Canned energy drink brand hits distributor milestone

Less than 12 months into the national launch of its new 16-oz carbonated energy drink, 5-hour ENERGY has surpassed its 100th local direct store delivery (DSD) distributor for the distribution of their new beverage.

The makers of 5-hour ENERGY products launched the energy drink at the 2021 National Beer Wholesalers (NBWA) convention in Las Vegas. 

For distribution, the company chose to work with local DSD partners because of their community ties and knowledge of their local markets and retailers.

“When we launched the new 16-oz beverage, we knew we needed to work with local distributors,” said Jeff Sigouin, president and chief operating officer of 5-hour ENERGY. 

“The knowledge these companies have of their territories and the relationships they have with their retailers will be critical to the success of our new 16-oz energy drink.”

The initial beverage launch included three flavours: grape, berry and watermelon. The cans deliver the same proprietary blend of vitamins and amino acids, as the 1.93 oz. extra strength shots.

“With the recent movement amongst distributors of competitive energy drinks, DSD operators around the country are looking for established brands with a history of partnering with distributors,” said Charlie Cindric, vice president of beverage distribution at 5-hour ENERGY. “5-hour ENERGY offers both of these things to our distribution partners.”

The 5-hour ENERGY drink has full distribution coverage in 21 states and is nearing coverage in all 50 states in the country. 

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