Canpack’s new style debuts on beverage can

CANPACK Group has once again had the opportunity to cooperate with Tymbark, this time on its introduction into the alcohol-free canned drinks market.

Tymbark has been in the hearts and refrigerators of consumers across Poland for over 80 years. Sold in over 30 countries worldwide, the company is a leader in the beverages sector, where they fuse quality flavours, which are suitable for a variety of occasions.

With an increasing trend in society toward natural ingredients and the associated shift towards low and no-alcohol drink options, Tymbark has sought to capitalise on this shift with a new range.

Tymbark PO PROSTU and its new line of alcohol-free drinks with hop extract based on natural ingredients, comes in three intriguing flavours: dry orange, characterful juniper and fresh lemon.

“Tymbark PO PROSTU is a new line of products for people who value simple yet tasty combinations,” explained Leszek Organista, brand manager.

“Those who value comfort and are looking for products with good and simple composition will enjoy the collection’s range of flavoured waters, non-alcoholic radlers and lemonades.

“Each of the new products is characterised by less sweetness and new, drier flavours.”

Having cooperated with Tymbark for many years, and supplying packaging for many projects, CANPACK were delighted to partner on this new product line.

“With our long-lasting business relationship with Tymbark, and the increasing shift towards natural ingredients and no-sugar trends in society, we’re delighted to be involved in this product launch, which hit the shelves in 500ml cans,” explains Stephen McAneny, chief commercial officer.

“The trend of natural ingredients and no-sugar in drinks consumption is still a very clear option among consumers that has been around for several years. In the last two years, it has become extremely popular.”

“The CANPACK MATT effect used on the cans underlines the natural composition of the drink and gives the packaging a natural feel in touch. This allows for impressive shelf appeal in the bustling sector of natural ingredients and no-sugar drinks.”

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