Dave May retires from Roeslein & Associates

Dave May, former president of Roeslein & Associates has retired after 29 years of service.

May started his career with Roeslein in 1993 as a project engineer to support two of the four Campbell soup projects that proved to be a significant increase in business for Roeslein.

From there, May was promoted to Project Manager, where he managed projects all over the globe.

He transitioned to a business development role, ultimately leading to his promotion to vice president of business development. In 2008 May became the president of Roeslein & Associates, a position he maintained until 2018. He then served as vice chairman of the board of directors before retiring in March 2022.  

As a history buff, one of May’s favourite projects that he was able to be a part of during his career at Roeslein was the building of the first can plant in Russia. Roeslein built the plant just outside of Moscow only six years after the fall of the Berlin wall. It was in this same muddy area that stopped both Napoleon and Hitler during their marches to invade Moscow. 

While he enjoyed travelling worldwide to different project sites, May says the beginning stages of every project were the most exciting aspects of his job at Roeslein. He thoroughly enjoyed working closely with clients, the Roeslein team, and other ESOP owners to develop a schedule, a scope, and a budget that fits the client’s business plan. 

When asked what advice he would give new Roeslein employees, he said never underestimate hard work. “Don’t underestimate taking the extra time to learn about the industry, the equipment, and the customers,” said May. “You don’t need to promote yourself regarding what you know. People can figure that out on their own”. 

As for his retirement, May plans to focus on his relationships with his wife, family, friends, and health. He intends to continue challenging himself through continuing education, perfecting his golf swing, or starting a new business. Dave would also like to find new ways that he can give back to society. 

Rudi Roeslein, founder and CEO, said: “Dave joined Roeslein in ‘93 just as we were embarking on four new steel D&I food can plants for Campbell Soup. He successfully managed and completed the only can plant in our history that was not unitised and preassembled since Henry Ford, Cambell Soup’s operations manager, insisted on conventional construction while the remaining three plants were built as unitised systems.”

“We appreciate Dave’s dedicating most of his adult life to this company and its growth and prosperity. I want to also thank Carol and their family for the sacrifices they made while Dave travelled the world. I know they made many friends all over the world, and we wish him well in retirement and hope he finds things in life that continue to make a difference.”

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