Intercan creates new role

Intercan has created a new position to further improve its technical capacity and customer service. 

Matt Roberts has joined their technical team as service manager and he will be responsible for all aspects relating to existing and new machine supplies in the future. 

Matt has previous experience of the Intercan product range. His background is a solid engineering apprenticeship and for the last seven years he has been service manager for a leading German machine manufacturer.

He is pictured above being welcomed by Darren Wiggins our Senior Technical Engineer and Designer.

Intercan was established 30 years ago and specialises in engineering and design of upgrades and equipment related to two-piece can printing. 

This includes beverage cans, bottle cans, monobloc aerosols and tubes. Their experience covers production can decorators and offline print proofing machines, along with an extensive range of Prepress equipment.

Now in addition to the above products as a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzhou SLAC, Intercan is able to offer a full range of beverage and food can and end making equipment.

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