PURA Beverages launches watermelon canned drink for kids

PURA Beverages has launched a watermelon-flavoured canned beverage range for kids.

The drinks are packaged in the company’s 25% recycled beverage cans and sustainable tetra-packs.

PURA claim their beverages are free of any preservative or artificial flavouring; moreover, it also contains two-thirds less sugar than the percentages found in other 200ml fruit juices and soft drinks.

The CEO and founder of PURA Beverage Company, Greig Jansen, said: “We noticed a decline in sales in the kids’ range during December, so we knew there were gaps in the market, notwithstanding the fact that research has shown around 82% of consumers want to change their habits by eating and drinking healthier. All our drinks are made from cold-pressed fruit juice, have less sugar and no artificial additives.

“We found that once children enjoyed the 200ml packs at school and extra murals, parents were looking for a price-lined larger pack for mealtimes and school holidays. We have a 92% satisfaction rating from our Product of the Year award.

”When Amelia Apple, Pippa Peach, Bobby Berry or John Lemon has made it into your kids’ lunchboxes, it amplifies sales of our soda range, and a one-litre pack was the missing link in our chain,” he remarked.

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