Aluminium Dunkerque to cut production by 22%

Europe’s biggest aluminium smelter will reduce its production by a fifth in response to soaring energy prices.

Aluminium Dunkerque will lower production by 22% in the fourth quarter, as reported by Reuters.

The aluminium smelter consumes as much energy as Marseille, France’s second largest city.

This will be achieved by stopping 54 of the smelter’s electrolysis tanks and by reducing the intensity of others.

Founded in 1991, Aluminium Dunkerque is the largest primary aluminium smelter in Europe, specialising in the manufacture of aluminium slabs and ingots, used in the transport, automotive, aerospace, packaging, building and construction industries.

The price of aluminium has surged over the last year due to a global shortage and also amid the backdrop of Russia’s continued war in Ukraine.

The smelter has an annual capacity of around 290,000 tonnes, while employs 600 people.

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