Carrefour in Romania launches can exchange scheme

Carrefour in Romania is launching the fourth edition of its campaign where customers can exchange aluminium cans, plastic and glass bottles for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The scheme, called Payment with PET, will kick off on September 22 and aims to encourage customers to recycle more.

The fruits and vegetables are grown locally, so the initiative also supports local producers.

The campaign is run in partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Romania and GreenPoint Management, with the support of Financiar Recycling, Professional Recycle, Green PC Ambalaje and Envipco Romania.

“As a market leader, we seek to collaborate with suppliers, consumers and the entire community to develop practices that can improve the quality of life,” said Alina Gamauf, Member of the Carrefour Romania Executive Committee. 

“We strongly believe that by educating consumers about the responsible consumption of plastic and by turning it into a currency, we will help customers to adopt better habits. 

“Moreover, this year we want to continue our efforts on the circular economy, and by introducing smart equipment for the separate collection of beverage packaging (Reverse Vending Machines), we want to show society that through a responsible behaviour, we can have a better, cleaner environment.”

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