Independent Can commissions nine-colour print line

Independent Can Company (ICC) has recently made historic investments to solidify its position in the market.

With the goal of being the primary source for highly decorated, speciality cans in the US, the company has invested heavily in facility maximisation and the latest technology in can making and lithography.

In the fall of 2022, ICC will be the only company operating the latest Metal Star 3, nine-colour printing line in the Western Hemisphere. This is in addition to having two six-colour and a four-colour Metal Star two printing lines in Maryland and Ohio.

The nine-colour line gives the company unmatched, single pass capabilities for up to nine colours. This technology will be instrumental in helping the company to achieve the goal of doubling output per labour hour and delivering product to customers in four – five weeks from order.

For more than 20 years, ICC has been recognised for its print quality by the International Metal Decorators & Packaging Association and most recently by Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint with the High-Performance Metal Decorator of the Year 2021.

ICC is driven to remain competitive in a global market and being a domestic solution to the supply chain challenges for major brands. ICC is also keeping more than 400 jobs in North America.

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