1812 Brewing Co. purchases new canning line

1812 Brewing Company announce that it had finalised an equipment purchase agreement and secured private equipment financing to acquire a five-head can filling and labelling line from industry partners Wild Goose Filling and Ska Fabricating. 

The Company expects the canning line to be installed and operational in 2022.  

After commissioning of the canning line, the Company will have the ability to package its beers in the manner consumers favour – bottles, cans or draft.

Chairman and CEO Tom Scozzafava stated: “After the line is operational, the Company can package the way both consumers and distributors prefer. 

“I envision certain beers, such as War of 1812 Amber Ale, being packaged in both cans and bottles.”  

Mr. Scozzafava continued: “Additionally, this also provides the Company with a certain amount of financial protection from volatility in either the glass or aluminium markets with respect to both prices and availability.  

“Also, with the Company able to package in either cans or bottles, the opportunities to contract brew and package for other breweries will be enhanced significantly.

“Finally, after numerous discussions with Canadian distributors, it was clear that canning was a must. 

With our proximity to Canada and with leverageable brands such as “War of 1812 Amber Ale” and “Thousand Islands IPA,” canning opens the Canadian market right up.This will be a significant opportunity for the Company.”

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