Day One Beverages completes multimillion dollar funding round

Vincere Capital recently announced an investment into Los Angeles, CA-based Day One Beverages, effective June 22, 2022.

Headquartered in Venice Beach, Day One Beverages has earned national recognition as a sparkling CBD water brand and recently earned the role of the exclusive CBD partner of USA Pickleball. 

The investment led by Vincere Capital, facilitated by Aspire Financial LLC and The J Square Investments, fuels Day One Beverages with the capital it needs to compete in the burgeoning CBD wellness category. 

With the CBD ingestible category growing at a 50.6% CAGR through 2024, Day One and its team of beverage veterans is poised to compete at the highest level with its award-winning beverages.

With a team of ex-Red Bull, Anheuser-Busch and other CPG brand executives, the Day One team is focused on aggressive retail distribution across California, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida while embracing communities of passionate people across the country; from pickleball players to yoga lovers.

Chris Clifford, Chief Executive Officer of Day One Beverages adds, “This funding helps give Day One the runway to become the premier CBD beverage producer in the space and continue our fast-paced mission to make CBD accessible to mainstream consumers. 

“CBD is on its way to becoming the next big category in beverage because it has never been harder to harness your attention, and CBD helps people get balanced and be present. 

“We’re positioned to lead the CBD category thanks to our focus on creating a product that educates the consumers on the benefits of CBD and empowers them to make it a functional part of their daily routine.” 

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