Demand for aluminium screw caps up by 100m units

The use of aluminium screw caps rose by 100 million units in 2021, compared to figures the previous year.

According to research by Euromonitor International, as reported by Aluminium Closures, the sector passed seven billion units in Europe.

Aluminium closure use was up almost 6% for both off- and on-trade outside Europe and above 20% inside, for on-trade consumption.

Anja Holthoff-Schlegel, Aluminium Closures Group representative, was encouraged by these latest figures, and said: “While the numbers are still under 2019 volumes, they indicate a welcome return to growth, particularly in Europe and particularly in on-trade sales. 

“Undoubtedly the figures for the rest of the world, by far the biggest market, are still weak. But the factors affecting many of these countries, such as on-going tourism and travel restrictions as well as more lockdowns, continued to weigh and, even here, on-trade showed healthy positive growth. The current 12 months should see stronger recovery in all areas.”

Aluminium screw caps are traditionally widely used in the spirits sector. Especially for consumers who enjoy their drinks at home, the ease of resealing and the resulting long shelf life is an important selling point. 

Aluminium screwcaps for spirits offer a wide range of designs matching all price segments from price entry level to super premium with excellent material properties.

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