iSi introduces more eco friendly whippers and chargers

iSi has introduced the new Eco Series Green Whip and Eco Series Professional Charger for whipping food. 

Now, restaurants, cafes, and home chefs can serve delicious, fresh whipped cream and cold foams with a substantially lower climate impact while enjoying significant ingredients cost savings.

Jeanette Brick, President of iSi North America, said: “For years, we have been investing and researching solutions to offer our customers a climate-friendly, sustainable option for creating fresh whipped cream while keeping an eye on their costs. 

“The iSi Eco Series System is a remarkable achievement. It is the FIRST and ONLY 100% climate neutral food whipping system on the market. 

“And the big news is: the Eco Series Whipping System can produce 15% more servings with the same ingredients – that’s a savings of up to 10% for most of our customers. And the savings are even more significant for restaurants currently using aerosol cans of whipped cream! It’s Better for Earth, AND Better for Business!” 

The new iSi Green Whip and Eco Series Professional Chargers operate exactly like existing iSi whipper systems. 

However, the new technology employed by the Green Whip produces more portions using the same ingredients and has enough power to whip up plant-based, and even vegan whipped toppings. 

“Our innovation has created a way for customers to save money while reducing climate impact.” comments Brick. “In many cases, consumers and restaurants are accustomed to using aerosol whipped cream cans which are convenient, but harmful for the environment. And they don’t offer any versatility in flavours or ingredients. Now there is a solution that offers an environmentally and financially beneficial way to move away from aerosol cans for whipped cream.”

Through major investments in technology, use of renewable energy in production, and investments in compensation projects, the entire portfolio of iSi chargers are now certified 100% climate neutrally produced. 

iSi is the first to use new technology that captures released nitrous oxide gas during production and transforms the emission into the earth-friendly gases: nitrogen and oxygen. 

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