Blossom Beverages launches canned espresso martini

Blossom Beverages, a DC-based beverage company, launched its inaugural product, at Union Market District. Blossom: a boozy and buzzy canned espresso martini, the District’s first ready-to-drink (RTD) espresso martini.

The company’s flagship offering was released at a DJ fuelled popup party which featured product tastings, exclusive merch drops, and more than 8,000 cans of Blossom Espresso Martini. 

While the event was billed as a two day party, all inventory was sold out on the first day marking a tremendously successful launch. 

Blossom’s arrival is notable in that it signals that the world’s trendiest cocktail is finding its way beyond bars and into the glasses and cans of consumers in the Nation’s Capital and very soon across the country.

With its successful launch behind it, the company has validated its ability to capture the “in-bar” experience in a can with this espresso martini. 

“It’s an espresso martini you can fall in love with,” says creator and Blossom Beverages founder David Jack, a serial entrepreneur and digital media agency owner and restaurant investor. “We wanted to create a top-notch espresso martini that features quality ingredients and dials up the fun with a boozy-buzz. This drink reflects that in every way.”

Blossom’s recipe is packaged in a slender, vibrant, pink and blue hued 12-ounce can — a homage to the glow Jack experienced while drinking his first espresso martini — is a classic cocktail with a vodka base, and hints of vanilla, spice and chocolate, that finishes with a punch of espresso.

“Our team couldn’t be happier with the cocktail we’ve brought to life after years of tasting, testing, and perfecting,” says Stephen Kae, Partner. 

“We created Blossom not just for espresso martini lovers, but more importantly, for everyone, especially those who have never had an espresso martini before. It’s all about making memorable moments during the Holidays, at kick-backs, parties, concerts, music festivals, sports arenas, bars, and beyond.”

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