Thousands of Budweiser cans piled up in warehouse

Budweiser tweeted a picture showing the thousands of cans of beer piled up in a warehouse they can no longer sell at the World Cup.

The beverage giant, owned by AB InBev, were hit by last minute changes following pressure from the Qatari royal family.

Beer and other alcohol was originally permitted to be sold in fan zones around the eight World Cup stadiums, but not inside. However the change was made late on to not allow any alcohol sales.

Budweiser, a major sponsor of FIFA, poked fun at the announcement that alcohol would be banned in stadiums on Friday, tweeting “well, this is awkward…” before it was deleted. 

Now they have posted a picture showing the warehouse full of beer cans that can no longer be sold and have come up with a new idea on what to do with it.

It said: “New Day, New Tweet. Winning Country gets the Buds. Who will get them?”

AB InBev said in a statement that “some of the planned stadium activations cannot move forward due to circumstances beyond our control”, declining further comment.

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