Golden Grail says Koz Water sales up 75%

Golden Grail Technology announced that sales of KOZ Water on the West Coast have increased by over 75% for the period from June 2022 to September 2022. 

In conjunction with growing national demand, KOZ Water is now available for direct-to-consumer purchase via Amazon Prime. Golden Grail acquired KOZ Water, a premium purified and pH balanced water packaged in completely plastic-free 12oz can, in June of this year.

“We believe consumers are increasingly looking to reduce their use of plastic water bottles and KOZ Water offers a plastic free single use option,” said Steven Hoffman, CEO, Golden Grail. “By offering a plastic free option direct to consumers we hope to both reduce plastic pollution and increase revenues.”

Despite efforts to encourage recycling in cities across the country, plastic bottles used for soda and water are rarely recycled, research shows, and the U.S. was the 20th biggest contributor to plastic waste in the oceans (out of 192 countries) as a result, in part, of our thirst for bottled beverages. 

Aluminium, meanwhile, has emerged as a major competitor to plastic bottles according to data from the International Bottled Water Association. 

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