Miller Lite launches Christmas tree keg stand

Miller Lite’s famous holiday knitwear is back this winter, as are its uber-popular Beernaments, which debuted last year and quickly sold out. And new this year is the ultimate Christmas tree accessory: Miller Lite’s new Christmas Tree Keg Stand.

A fully functional tree stand that fits around a quarter-barrel keg, its sides are festooned with the Miller Lite logo, and its design makes it seem as if beer is being poured from the tree, says Sarah Showak, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite.

“It’s playing off the success of Beernaments, making beer part of the holiday,” she says. “Miller Lite stands for great taste and celebrating with people. The Keg Stand brings beer front and center to some of the year’s most special moments.”

Starting Nov. 10, the Miller Lite limited-edition Christmas Tree Keg Stand can be purchased online for $49.99.

Miller Lite’s annual holiday merch release gives it a recognisable platform as friends and family gather, whether in cozy settings at home or parties. It’s also a way to ensure Miller Lite is relevant for consumers during a time of year when liquor sales rise, often to the detriment of beer. This year, the brand is looking to increase drinkers’ consideration through in-store displays that feature its popular Beernaments.

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