Pendle Borough Council launches recycling programme

A new programme promoting aluminium foil recycling has been introduced by Pendle Borough Council.

As part of the initiative, residents are being encouraged to rinse and recycle their trays, wrapping foil, aerosols, beverage cans and empty food tins.

‘Foil in Love with recycling’, a consumer engagement campaign run in partnership with the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro), will see advertisements placed on digital street signs and buses, while promotional soundbites in English, Punjabi and Urdu will be broadcast on community radio stations and creative posts will be shared on the council’s social media pages. 

The programme, which launched in October, will run for a six-week period with the aim of increasing the amount of metal packaging recycled by households across the borough.

Councillor Nadeem Ahmed, leader of Pendle Borough Council, said: “While we already urge householders to recycle as much of their packaging waste as possible, there’s always more we can be doing.

“Working with Alupro to roll out the Foil in Love with Recycling campaign will allow us to engage with residents in a simple but powerful way, encouraging them to think about how best to dispose of their metal packaging.”

Tom Giddings, executive director of Alupro, added: “Initiatives such as our ‘Foil in Love with recycling’ campaign are vital to our work in educating the public about best practice recycling. The great thing about aluminium is that it’s infinitely recyclable – you can melt it down and reform it to create new products or packaging materials time and time again.

“By rinsing cans, tins and trays, you minimise the risk of food residue from contaminating recycling loads, so encouraging householders to do this is a really beneficial initiative.”

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