Trivium Packaging retains Platinum award from EcoVadis

Trivium Packaging has announced that it has retained its Platinum status, the highest ranking available, in the 2022 EcoVadis sustainability ratings.

EcoVadis’ platinum award reflects demonstrated improvements and contributions towards sustainable growth in the past year. Companies are judged on 4 categories: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

Trivium performed well in all categories but scored particularly well in the Environment and Ethics categories.

EcoVadis awards the Platinum honour to only the top 1% of more than 100,000 participating companies assessed globally, spanning more than 160 countries and 200 industries.

Trivium’s CEO, Michael Mapes said: “It is an honour to be recognised two years in a row with the top platinum rating for Trivium’s sustainability practices.

“It is a fantastic recognition of Trivium’s proactive and structured sustainability approach across all levels of our business – from the packaging itself to the manufacturing floor, across the entire organisation, our dedication to sustainable and ethical practices is marked by this prestigious accomplishment.”

“The bar is raised every year and I am very proud of the fact that Trivium is rising to the occasion,” said Jenny Wassenaar, chief sustainability officer at Trivium.

“This achievement, awarded by EcoVadis, is a testament to our achievements at Trivium, and to the long-term investment we’ve put into sustainable practices. Our dedication to driving positive sustainability impact provides a great example of transparency and inspiration for continuous improvement for the industry to follow.”

The EcoVadis rating system scales from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold, and ultimately Platinum – with a Platinum rating recognising a select few that are leading the way in Environment Social Governance ESG standards.

The rating’s criteria are based on international standards, including Global Reporting Initiative, Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and ISO 26000. Each organisation is given a composite score for a combination of each of the four categories: Environment, Ethics, Labour & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement.

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