ASI certifies China Hongqiao Group Co.

European Aluminium

China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification for its subsidiary operation Shandong Hongchuang Aluminum Industry Holding Co., Ltd., along with its three wholly-owned subsidiaries. 

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of aluminiuim sheets, strips and foils.

The companies’ main products are aluminium sheets and strips, household foils, container foils, blister foil, decorative foils, etc., which are widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, architectural decoration, transportation and other fields. 

The companies have an annual production capacity of 200,000 tonnes of roll-casting plate, 200,000 tonnes of cold rolled plate and 120,000 tonnes of foils.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI, said: “We congratulate China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. for achieving Performance Standard Certification at Shandong Hongchuang Aluminum Industry Holding Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries. 

“As one of the largest aluminium producers worldwide, this first ASI Certification at China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd.’s operations is significant for the ongoing scaling of industry commitment to responsible production practices. 

“Several additional ASI Certifications are in the pipeline for China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary operations, and we look forward to announcing these in due course.”

Zhang Wei, General Manager, Hongchuang Holdings, said: “Motivated by our long-term commitment to green development, Hongchuang always seeks innovation in technology and developing model. 

“We are honoured that Shandong Hongchuang Aluminum Industry Holding Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries Binzhou Hongbo Aluminum Foil Technology Co., Ltd., Zouping Hongcheng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd., and Zouping Hongzhuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. have been certified against the ASI Performance Standard. 

This opens for us a new page of green, low-carbon, environment friendly and sustainable development. We will fully implement the requirements of high-quality development, and continuously maintain the company’s first-mover advantage in the market competition.”

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