Kristal Kola partners with Crown for canned water

Kristal Kola (Kristal) is set to launch the Turkish market’s first spring water in cans, delivering a sustainable product in sustainable packaging with powerful messaging to match. 

The company selected Crown Bevcan EMEA, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc., as its packaging partner. 

In addition to being able to produce the cans in-country at its Osmaniye plant in southeast Turkey, greatly reducing Kristal’s carbon footprint, Crown provided input on sustainability statistics printed on the can itself. 

Displayed in Turkish and English, the messaging is an integral part of the package’s design. The goal is to educate consumers about metal, citing that recycling aluminium saves up to 95% of the energy used to produce virgin aluminium and that more than three-quarters of all aluminium ever produced is still available for use today. 

“At Kristal Kola, recycling and our awareness of sustainability are of the utmost importance,” commented Bayram Altuntoprak, Marketing Manager. 

“As such, we develop projects by prioritising the time and cost values in recycling for both our consumers and our natural resources. 

“We believe that developing water packaged in cans is an innovative step taken by our company, which has been producing beverage products for many years. We are certain this will be a pioneering success in the sector. 

“Having collaborated with Crown for many years, they were the perfect partner to deliver this project.”

The collaboration represents an important milestone for Kristal on its sustainability journey, making the impact and accuracy of the can’s messaging points and graphics critical. 

Water in cans is an important innovation for the traditional water industry; to be the first in the country to launch a canned water will demonstrate Kristal’s support for improving the sustainability and accessibility of an increasingly strained global resource. 

“Kristal came to us with a vision to make a difference–to create a better, more sustainable world through the products it delivers,” said Veronique Curulla, Marketing and Business Development Director, Crown Bevcan EMEA. 

“These are values that are very much in line with our own, and those of Welcome Ajans, Kristal’s design agency. We ensured the messaging was factually accurate as well as perfect in appearance once printed onto the can itself.”

The finish of the cans capitalises on the beauty of raw aluminium, with text called out in a rich dark blue, and features a matte finish to add a premium feel to the package. In addition to sustainability statistics, the package includes messages about metal’s infinite reusability by utilising the ‘Metal Recycles Forever’ logo from Metal Packaging Europe.

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