Alupro to present at European aerosols conference

Tom Giddings, executive director of Alupro, will share his thoughts on achieving higher aerosol recycling rates at the 2023 AEROBAL General Assembly meeting (24 January).

Taking place at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, the event will bring together leading brands from across the industry to discuss innovation, collaboration, success and progress. 

As part of his remote presentation, Giddings will discuss Alupro’s recent launch of the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative, a programme designed to drive an uplift in aerosol recycling rates; as well as its latest insights in establishing an accurate national picture of aerosol recycling.

The cross-industry initiative brings together working group partners from across the value chain including the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA), waste management specialists and aerosol manufacturers.

Alongside aiming to ensure that aerosols become a central part of consumer recycling behaviour, the group aims to secure systematic changes in waste management infrastructure to facilitate widespread aerosol recycling. 

Looking forward, members intend to create a sector-led roadmap to address both consumer and government knowledge when it comes to the urgency of transitioning towards a circular economy. In addition, the group will develop new resources to increase national aerosol recycling engagement levels.

Commenting on the event, Giddings said: “With the packaging industry set to see significant changes over the coming months and years across Europe we’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts on the future of aerosol recycling and its role in furthering the circular economy. 

“The event will provide us with a unique platform to discuss the UK Aerosols Initiative we launched last year, alongside the success of the initiative to date. We hope it gives AEROBAL members food for thought when it comes to implementing similar activities in other countries.”

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