Ardagh Metal Packaging launches new can size

Ardagh Metal Packaging North America is extending its product line for beverage brand customers by launching a new 19.2 oz.(568ml) beverage can.

The new can size, expected to serve strong growth in the single serve channel, represents the first time a 19.2 oz. (568ml) can has been manufactured in the United States by AMP. 

The product provides an offering between the more traditional sizes of 16 oz. and 24 oz., and is supporting brands looking to expand in such categories as beer, ciders, hard seltzers and water, to name a few. 

The new product also benefits from inherent beverage can sustainability characteristics such as leading recycle rates and recycled content rates. 

Beverage cans also deliver ideal filling, distribution and retail display economics, further strengthening customer business objectives.

AMP – NA CEO Claude Marbach says the extension of the company’s product line is in response to the continued focus on sustainability by consumers and the growth opportunities for cans across numerous beverage categories. 

“This is also a clear indication of AMP’s commitment to customers,” he said. “We’re enabling brands to further differentiate their product on retail shelves by choosing from a wide array of sizes, graphics and tab and end options. 

“This new 19.2 oz. (568ml) size is indicative of this commitment, where AMP serves as a one-stop partner in enabling our customers to achieve their brand and bottom line targets.”

The new 19.2 oz. (568ml) beverage can will be produced at AMP’s new Huron, OH, manufacturing facility and will be available by the end of the first quarter.

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