Canpack collaborates with Monster Energy

Monster Energy has continued its ongoing partnership with the seven-time Formula One World Champion to launch a new zero-sugar version.

Zero sugar is a key growth driver in the energy drink category. The new Lewis Hamilton Zero Sugar edition has a completely new formula with a refreshing peach nectarine flavour described as “stone fruits” and is made from vegan ingredients.

For this all new SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Monster needed new artwork that reflected Lewis Hamilton’s status as a global sporting celebrity. They achieved this with a unique collaboration between the champion driver and cutting-edge digital artist Mad Dog Jones (Michah Dowbak).

Renowned for producing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Mad Dog’s visual work combines cyberpunk imagery with themes of nature and technology.

For this project, the result is an eye-catching design featuring original icons, including Hamilton’s racing helmet. It also carries his name and signature, plus his driver number: 44.  

Monster chose Canpack to bring this can design to life, building on a strong and established partnership between the two companies.

Monster usually launches products in the US before introducing them to Europe. However, this new variant dedicated to the British-born driver was created in the UK for launching directly into European markets.

Martin Attock, vice-president of commercial development at Coca-Cola Europacifc Partners GB, manufacturer and distributor of the Monster Energy portfolio, said: “Monster is more than a drink. It’s a lifestyle lived by the athletes and sports teams the brand works with and, of course, all their fans. Monster has broken records to become the number-one deliverer of value growth in the entire soft drinks category.

“Lewis has broken records for the most wins and podium finishes in Formula One as well. This innovation brings together two cultural icons, and we’re confident it’s going to disrupt the category and drive sales.”

Stephen McAneny, chief commercial officer at Canpack Group, commented on bringing this exciting project to market: “Monster Energy has a reputation for innovation and success with new product development in their sector.

“We believe that joining an eye-catching can design of Lewis Hamilton Zero Sugar drink with Canpack’s capabilities is a winning formula that will ensure this beverage secures a podium finish in the minds of the consumers.”

“We love to tell stories with our cans, and this is another winning story that we’re proud to tell. The beauty and intricate detail of this design proves that a can is not simply just a can. We are proud of our unique capabilities which have helped bring this design to life.”

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