Habitat for Humanity wins second straight Novelis Can Grant

Nebraska-based Habitat for Humanity has been awarded its second straight Novelis Can Grant.

Community members in the Grand Island area collected more than 18,000lbs of aluminium cans across 14 locations.

“We know inflation has been really rough on a lot of our supporters,” said Alyssa Heagy, Executive Director at Grand Island Area Habitat of Humanity. “Being able to donate your aluminium cans helps not only recycling, which is great for the environment. It helps build the affordable homes here in Grand Island.”

Each pound of aluminium means around 68 cents for Habitat for Humanity.

“What were able to do is we use the money that comes in every month from Kramer’s with the aluminium recycling program combined with the grant and it’s enough money to pay for half of one of the houses,” said Heagy.

“We’re taking on urban areas, we’re taking on small rural areas, and we’re showing that when a community get together and if it’s just one can, it really adds up to make a lasting impact.”

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