KSI and Logan Paul launch Prime Energy cans

The hit energy drink, Prime, from social media stars KSI and Logan Paul are being launched in cans.

The bottles of the beverage have been wildly popular in the US and the UK and have instantly sold out wherever they have been stocked.

Their sales at Aldi sparked chaotic scenes, with the bottles then being sold online for hundreds of pounds.

KSI and Logan Paul, who twice boxed each other in the ring before putting their rivalry aside to launch the beverage, announced that canned formats of the drink would be hitting the market.

In a clip, Paul compares the Prime cans to ‘the number one selling energy brand in the world’.

He says: “They’re both the US version and they’re both 12 ounce cans.”

Comparing the contents of the two cans, Paul says the best seller has 160 calories and 38g of sugar, compared to Prime’s 10 calories and zero sugar.

Meanwhile, Prime Energy packs in a heart-pounding 200mg of caffeine, compared to 114mg in the other drink.

“The point is,” Paul adds. “We’re so much f****** better.”

The drink is currently on sale to US customers, while those in the UK will have to wait until April to give it a go.

Prime Energy is available in five flavours: Orange Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime and Tropical Punch.

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